We strived to provide great products and excellent services to our customers. Here are some excerpts of their experiences as users and corporate clients:

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NextVIEW Users
"NextVIEW Advisor’s live online charting services is a class of its own, not only in Singapore but worldwide... I am impressed with the ease-of-use and lightning speed of the charting, spreadsheet and portfolio functions... These, combined with an excellent alert system, is every trader and investor's dream machine.”
Mr. Michael Lim
(President of Singapore Technical Analysts and Traders Society)


“I make back my subscription fees in just one trade using Nextview!!! I have looked around for a good trading software and NextVIEW has been able to satisfy my trading needs within my budget.”
Peter Chan
Home trader


“I am a part-time trader and I use Next View’s Alerts function to send me alerts on my email and sms when I out of office. The amazing thing is that I don’t even have to on the software!”
Karen Lee
Part time trader in the IT field


"I need real time chart displays and end-of-day charts for reference. NextVIEW Advisor delivers both on a stable and reliable Internet platform. Now I can concentrate on trading and not worry about finding the data. NextVIEW Advisor is simply the best Internet- based real-time charting package available for the Singapore and Malaysian market”
Mr. Daryl Guppy
(Position Trader, Speaker, Bestselling Author of 5 Investment/Trading books)


"NextVIEW Advisor’s fast and reliable data stream....technical indicators combined with data time periods that go all the way down onto a tick-by-tick basis are a must for short term and day traders."
Mr. Yeo Kee Yan

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Corporate Clients
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