As South East Asia’s leading provider of streaming, real-time market data via the Internet, we are committed to providing the investment community with the highest level of products and services to enhance their trading and informational needs. We offer our products and services to a wide variety of clients from the region, ranging from retail clients to corporate clients.

Corporate Clients
NextVIEW has traditionally focused on corporate clients as our strength lies in our ability to offer the most cost effective solution to our corporate customers. Click to see our clients reference list.
Retail Clients
We have a large and growing pool of retail customers from various parts of the Asia Pacific Region. We provide our customers with a serious tool to help them trade better. Click here to find out about why they use NextVIEW.

NextVIEW has always been dedicated to providing excellent services to our customers, and we strive to uphold this tradition as we expand across the region.

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