NextVIEW is a technology company that provides online software tools and solutions for the financial services community, professional traders and serious investors with operations in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and China. We also have presence in other parts of the Asia Pacific region through our business arrangements with our affiliates.
Our principal business activities are:

» Financial Services Institution Technology Solutions
» Institutional Investors Trading Tools
» Retail Investors Online Software Tools
» Investor Education

Financial Services Institution Technology Solutions

Our corporate sales team provides corporate wide solutions to stock brokerages, futures brokerages and other corporate clients who need real time financial data for investment activities as well as to disseminate the information to their clients. We offer a suite of desktop software and customer service management products. Our main focus is on stock brokerage houses and we have become the leading provider in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand with clients such as UOB Kayhian, DMG Securities, TA Securities Bhd and many others.

Leveraging on our rich experience as a local provider of real time data technology solutions, we assist our clients in determining the optimal infrastructure to deploy a system capable of delivering real-time financial data to users at an unbeatable price-performance level. Our support team then provides training for end-users and maintains technical support for the service period. In addition, we also offer end-users our investor education privileges to corporate end-users.

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Institutional Investors Trading Tools

We provide real time investment tools for professional traders in global equity, futures and other financial products. By combining the global coverage our data feed partners with localized data and services, we are able to offer our clients a comprehensive coverage of relevant markets with localized services.

For example, our Crude Palm Oil Futures Package is widely used by traders around the region. We offer the CPOF contract together with other relevant markets such as the Dalian Soybean contract and palm oil physical prices. Our suite of special product packages is also expanded to rubber, grain, and other specific futures products.

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Retail Investors Online Software Tools

Our retail sales team provides general investors with real time and end-of-day data services as well as investment tools. We offer products based on the needs of the individual investor, from basic, simple to use applications to professional software for serious investors. Our experienced sales representatives provide training classes for users to learn the various functions of the software, and provide subscribers value added investor education services to help them become better investors.

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Investor Education

Our Investor Education business leverages on our international presence to facilitate the exchange of trading knowledge and experience for investors in the countries we operate in. By working with Event Management companies who offer expertise in running workshops, seminars and road shows, NextVIEW is able to provide investor education services of the highest quality at affordable rates.

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