We believe in forming partnerships to leverage each other's respective expertise in order to create the best solutions for our customers. With that in mind, we are keen to explore relationships with respected industry technology providers, brokerages, investor educators and business partners who can assist us in providing complete, one-stop shopping to our investors and traders.

Our prospective Partners
Technology Providers

Third party applications that support trading or applications that are complimentary to Next View’s data delivery technology.


Brokerages who would like to explore integrating online trading features with NextVIEW’s Applications.

Investor Educators

Training and education providers that offer specialized seminars on trading and investing, as well as Events Company that already offers courses.

Business Partners

Companies that can act as distributors for NextVIEW outside Singapore and Malaysia, as well as those who provide trading platforms that NextVIEW can complement.

If you are interested to explore partnership opportunities, please write to us as

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