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Advisor key features:

New Features

» New releases made available in real time via automated update service
» Market Depth- view up to 50 levels of queue information for SGX stocks
» Market Watch – See the movement of the whole market at one glance
» Market Filtering for scanning for securities based on fundamental and technical criteria
» Period VWAP – Calculate the average price across any intraday time period
» Chart Hotkey Input – Key in alphabets of the symbol to load chart automatically
» Customizable hotkeys to access functions even faster

Dynamic Desktop Features
» Integrated Desktop to see Quotes, tick chart, time and sales and news on one screen
» Comprehensive news services available for an additional monthly fee
» Multiple Monitor Support to use NextVIEW on 2 or more monitors.
» Time & Sales with color differentiation for better market representation
» Queue track for tracking all changes in the Queue throughout the day
» Volume Distribution for monitoring distribution of trades done
» Spread Calculator - Displays the range of profits /losses over a range of spreads and trading fees
» Advance Data Export - Export data to Excel in real time via Advisor DDE
» Quick Search Function - Search for any security across all markets
Technical Analysis Features
» Technical Charts that show Tick, intra-day, daily, weekly, monthly and continuation charts
with robust navigation and up to 15 years of historical data available dynamically
» Technical Indicators –Over 30 technical indicators included in the base package
» Drawing Tools with popular drawing lines and retracements
» Trend line Extension to have trend lines plotted to the future
» Trend Line Magnet – Have the line of best fit for your trend line
» Performance Charts for comparing markets and stocks on a single chart
Investment Management Features:
» Real-Time Alerts with visual and audible(with customizable sounds) time and price alerts sent to multiple delivery channels, such as Desktop, SMS and Email.
» Advance Alerts based on technical indicators, fundamental company information, or a combination of the two
» Alert Template that customize a different message for every alert
» Portfolio and Risk Management performs Real-time portfolio valuation with Profit and Loss alerts

NextVIEW Package

» Advisor Standard
» Advisor Professional

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