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NextVIEW Advisor is the preferred real-time personal investment dashboard providing market quote service, charting/analytics and investment management software application for serious individual and professional investors. Bringing Internet-driven real-time futures, options, foreign exchange market data and news to your laptop or desktop PC has never been easier! NextVIEW Advisor is unbeatable at the best price-performance level, offering special packages to meet your needs!

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NextVIEW Advisor will like to present you the opportunity to…

… Join the growing family of NextVIEW Advisor users in Asia!
Many professional users in South East Asia have benefited from the services provided by NextVIEW as we provide world class products at exceptionally attractive value. Many more new users from China and Hong Kong are joining the community of NextVIEW Users. Find out today why they have chosen NextVIEW as a preferred tool… Join Us!

… Have Comprehensive, reliable market data on a Personalized Investment Dashboard
NextVIEW Advisor aggregates market data from exchanges via a stable and robust platform that sets us apart from the competition, backed by 6+ years of localized experience in the Asia Pacific Region.

… Own a strategic analysis tool that can support investment decisions
NextVIEW Advisor incorporates a range of analysis tools ranging from technical analysis tools like intraday charts, technical indicators and drawing tools, to momentum trading tools like VWAP, time and sales and our own MarketWatch tool.

Make better Trading Decisions with Market screening tools to search through thousands of stocks to get access to top performers and undervalue stocks. Scan the market with filters based on both fundamental and technical criteria.

… Stay mobile yet be alerted to changes in the market
If you are a part time trader, you can take advantage of NextVIEW’s advance alerts function to keep watch over the market while staying mobile!

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